Sabreena Katz Sabreena Katz

Sabreena Katz, Senior Designer.

Sabreena is a small package that packs a large punch. Her experience with a variety of illustration styles, backed with strong knowledge of design and typography, allow her to craft engaging web designs with a unique aesthetic.

Sabreena tackles any design project with a keen eye, a steady hand and endless imagination. Her solid experience and malleable creativity result in killer designs and happy clients. Her long-time experience with the Adobe Suite, paired with a passionate ambition to keep current with technology, allows her to bring a fresh set of ideas and skills into the S4 office. Sabreena obtained her B.A. in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Graphic Design, from the University of North Florida.

She spends much of her free time either surfing the 'net with her cats or helping out her family with daily tasks. She also has a tendency of getting pretty competitive when it comes to playing video games with her friends. As a member of AIGA, Sabreena is constantly looking for ways to get more involved with the local design community.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What's your approach in using illustration in web design?

Illustrations are incredibly unique, so I use them to give webpages some character and spirit that they couldn't otherwise obtain. Sometimes I allow them to be the primary attention-grabbers in place of photographs; other times, they blend into the overall design to help develop the site's mood.

Who are some other designers you admire?

I'm quite fond of Stefan Bucher, who's a pretty quirky print designer and illustrator. He has a flexible design aesthetic that has given him a portfolio filled with many diverse styles that haven't compromised his eccentric style and fun personality.

What are some things you're excited about in design?

I'm quite interested in the ways so many designs are adapting to mobile and tablet use now. I'm curious to see how they continue to evolve, and I plan to stay as current as possible. I'm ready to see how those interactive glasses work.

What kind of video games do you like?

Honestly, I enjoy playing anything from puzzle and simulation games to horror-thriller and first-person-shooters. My favorite types are probably fantasy role-playing or action-adventure games, since they have a tendency of having both immersive stories, as well as enjoyable and challenging gameplay.

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Four Quick Facts About Sabreena

  • Laugh Riot

    Loves going to stand-up
    comedy shows

  • Hunter

    Always on the lookout
    for a good deal.

  • Traveler

    From Hawaiian volcanoes
    to Amish cornfields.

  • References

    Uses visual encyclopedias
    for illustration reference.