European Street

DotNetNuke Web Design, Poster Design, Branding

For European Street, we designed a warm, inviting logo and a website that properly conveyed their unique nature of a fun, community-based restaurant. DotNetNuke was used to allow employees easy access to updates. We also employed different marketing techniques like social media and newsletters to drive customer involvement.


With the understanding that European Street is constantly adding to their menu and promoting new events, we designed the subpages to feature sections that are easy to update with new promotions, advertisements, and menu items.


One of our favorite parts to this project was getting to redesign a popular, local Jacksonville brand. Our concept was to stay true to the original design while adding the necessary improvements to color, layout, and typography that would make it a more modern and versatile logo. Below are our initial designs followed by the final, approved logo.

Station Four European Street Logo Process


With the brand in place, we’ve also been hard at work designing posters, banners, flyers, table top tents, and ads that tie into the overall design direction we outlined with the website and logo.

Station Four European Street Logo and Poster Applications

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