Fadi Safar Fadi Safar

Fadi Safar, Senior Back End Developer.

The one we rely on to help us solve complex problems with elegant technology.

Fadi is a web and software developer with a passion for taking seemingly complex problems and forming unique solutions intended to serve and delight the end user. As part of S4’s development team, he works alongside its designers and strategists to build custom web functionality and properties within a C# and .NET framework.

A recent graduate of the University of North Florida’s Computer Science program, Fadi continues to push his knowledge-base into new languages and frameworks in order to expand his foundations as a developer. When not in the office with the team, he enjoys both watching and participating in sports, primarily Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

How do you stay on the forefront of fresh industry techniques?

I stay on the top on of the latest technologies by frequently reading industry blogs and magazines as well as subscribe to online courses. Through research and practice I am able to fully understand the foundations of new techniques before successfully applying them. I push myself to accept and embrace change while always maintaining respect for older methodologies. I also surround myself with a strong and committed team that pushes me to experiment with new and challenging techniques.

Why software and web development?

I’ve always been interested in computer science and programming, so I chose it as a major at UNF and haven’t turned back. I think one of the main reasons why I love the field is that I love learning and solving problems.

Do you have a personal philosophy about development?

My philosophy has always been that you can never finish learning. I’m always looking to learn new technologies that can better my contributions to the team. When I decide to learn a new technology, I usually do some research online and, if I’m still sure that I need/want to learn it, I’ll usually go through a book or two.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been in Jax?

I’m originally from Iraq, but moved to the U.S. in 2009 to live with my grandparents and go to highschool. I’ve been in Jacksonville ever since.

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Four Quick Facts About Fadi

  • “The Spirit of
    the Game”

    Ultimate Frisbee Enthusiast

  • Loves Politics

    Understanding how countries are governed

  • "More Than
    a Club"

    An FC Barcelona fan

  • Born in Iraq

    The Cradle of Civilization