Ecommerce Platform Development

Your website is your best salesperson

A Website That’s Always Open for Business

Ecommerce can be one of the most effective sources of revenue for your business. You can sell 24/7, process deliveries and payment, or implement digital ticketing. More complex processes can be developed as well: custom packages, recurring subscriptions, or variable pricing. More than 79% of Americans currently purchase online. Powering your business with the right platform can accelerate your sales and promote your brand.

Navigating the Platform

There are a multitude of ways to sell to consumers online, but it’s imperative to find the one that is most appropriate for each client’s needs and budget. The proliferation of e-commerce solutions requires a full understanding of the marketplace, your business’ requirements, and the custom modifications that can be provided. We walk clients through the process of determining the right solution and further integrating that e-commerce platform into their website.

Choosing the Right Platform

Shopify offers a relatively inexpensive opportunity for smaller businesses to get started selling online, whereas Magento can provide more robust support, though at a potentially greater cost. Additionally, Shopify is a hosted solution, while Magento requires that you provide your own hosting, install, setup and configuration, which may require web development and programming resources. Considering factors like the quantity of SKUs, the type and complexity of the filtration, and the number of characteristics to be displayed on each product. For example, Shopify has different pricing packages which may restrict the number of products available, whereas Magento can accommodate a nearly unlimited number of products. Both can address discounts, variable shipping costs, and different add-ons, though each offers differing costs and levels of effort. Making sure your business objectives align with the components of the platform, and ensuring that all the appropriate functionality is properly implemented is our foremost concern.