Email and Marketing Automation

Leverage technology to guide your visitors from prospects to leads and then to closed sales.

Email is Still a Digital Workhorse

More than 70% of US consumers have made a purchase due to email marketing. Cart abandonment emails can help result in recovering almost a third of deserted purchase decisions. Email marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing, and is often dismissed as the least exciting part of the digital marketing mix. However, it remains one of the primary tools in your digital marketing arsenal, and an essential component any comprehensive marketing plan.

Effortless Communication with Potential Customers

New marketing automation tools can empower your company to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert them into customers. Establishing the right triggers and workflows can ensure that you’re responding to your customers in a timely fashion, and providing the right content to them at the moment they need it most. Best of all, once all these mechanisms are in place, your team won’t have to lift a finger to send out that content as your prospects make their way through your funnel.

The Best Way to Stay in Touch with Your Customers

At Station Four, we work to develop comprehensive messaging that addresses each stage of your customer’s journey, and workflows that incorporate each of the varying pathways they might take. We consider every facet of your customer’s decision: what information they’re looking for, what to provide them with, what will get them to open, and what gets them to click. Our tools can help determine which customers are interacting with your content, and when they’re coming back to your site.

Build your list with smart lead capture mechanisms. Segment that list based on criteria relevant to your business needs. Maybe it’s age, gender, or income. Maybe it’s more than mere demography, and you need a campaign based on determined propensity to purchase. Maximize your opens with the right subject line and send time. Generate clicks with the right content. Push revenue with the right sequence of messaging. Your customers are checking their messages right now. Are you in their inbox?