PPC and Paid Media Management

Maximize your return on every advertising dollar you spend.

Meet Your Marketing Goals Quickly and Efficiently

Paid media covers more than just PPC. While a well-run AdWords or Bing campaign is certainly a part of your complete digital marketing efforts, it’s only one potential channel for your company. Display advertising, remarketing ads, paid influencers, advertorials, content promotion, and social media are all opportunities for you to earn additional business, delight your customers, and generate return on your marketing dollar. As we move into an increasingly omnichannel world, integrating each of these accounts across all platforms while maintaining a consistent voice becomes a monumental challenge.

Know Where to Advertise, To Whom, and When

Each channel provides different opportunities, and might align different business needs. Got a long sales cycle? Remarketing can be set to match the length of that customer journey. If your product is highly visual in nature, a social campaign might most effectively highlight your product’s most attractive features. These channels can even be more precisely targeted, based on geolocation, demographics, or the expressed interests of your prospects. Deployed in conjunction with other initiatives like marketing automation, getting users in at the top of your funnel can generate ongoing traffic, interest, and revenue.

Making Paid Media Look Easy

Station Four can help. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the profusion of advertising opportunities, and not all channels are appropriate for your business. We can navigate you through the pathways customers are taking to your products and services, and identify which can be most effectively amplified. Plus, we’ll make sure that every data point along those pathways are captured and reported on, so you know exactly the performance of each channel. Armed with that data, you can determine which channels are most effective, which can be improved, and which should be discontinued entirely. Make sure you’re getting the most bang for your digital advertising dollar.