Alec Richman

Alec Richman, Marketing Coordinator.

Passionate about web and words alike, Alec supports the direction and production of the agency’s internal marketing initiatives.

As part of Station Four’s marketing team, Alec works alongside the agency’s designers, developers, and leadership to share its wealth of experience with as many marketing professionals and clients as possible. Whether through engaging web content, optimized PPC campaigns, or outreach to industry publications, he’s the go-to guy for all things Station Four on the web.

Alec’s initial step into digital marketing followed stints as an instructor of performing arts—dance and guitar—and then college composition. His passions for learning, creativity, and technology come together in digital marketing, where success necessitates all three and more. At Station Four, he’s able to apply his expertise in communication as well as expand his knowledge of strategy and design.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

Do you have a specific approach to digital marketing?

A consistent and unique aesthetic. I believe that if a brand can cultivate and retain a personality in its communications and design across its website, social media, and beyond, it’s that much more memorable.

What’s one thing you think we’ll see in marketing in the next year?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more precise location-based marketing. With so many mobile app alerts and advertisements based on where a consumer is at any point in time, it seems like it would make sense.

What’s something you’re fascinated with these days?

I’ve been listening to history podcasts the last couple months. If I can learn about anything for hours on end, it’s history (which I minored in as an undergrad, but unsurprisingly, I’ve yet to apply this education to any real-world purpose).

Do you have an outside project or hobby?

Music often occupies my time, especially the technological production side lately. I’ve also been dabbling in video game production, though wrapping my head around 3D software like Blender and engines like Unity is proving a challenge—it’s definitely a difficult pursuit to undertake alone!

Power Rankings

Four Quick Facts About Alec

  • World Culture

    Fascinated by different cultures

  • Favorite Book

    The Sound and the Fury

  • From Roanoke, Virginia

    Home of the largest
    man-made electric star

  • Performing Arts

    Has taught both dance
    and guitar