I want my audience to love my site.

Solid User Experience

Businesses need websites users love to—how do we put it?—use.
Beyond possessing appealing design and functional applications, a website should make its users feel something, ideally something really positive.


— Creating The Happy User

User Experience & Interface Design

Great websites aren’t just about producing a nice-looking page: they should also be accessible and valuable, and we address these objectives throughout the entire design and development process without forgetting about the bottom line. If a website creates a positive and worthwhile online experience, people will use it and share it.

User experience design is a dynamic field that asserts a lot of influence and presents a slew of potential challenges, but the benefits of successful user experience can be extraordinary. We are able to prevent the majority of possible issues from the outset, saving resources and increasing return on investment. As experienced UX designers, we know what it takes to make the symphony of elements that form an effective UX.

The Process

Know your audience, to the degree necessary for targeted communications.
Build useable interfaces in a quick and risk-free manner.
Determine if your position holds water in real-time with real audience members.

Put it all together on your website and set the hook!

Usability Testing

Usability testing can be an indispensable part of UX design, as it allows for real-time user interaction and thereby real-time adjustment.


Persona Development

Developing web personas is an incredibly helpful method of identifying the behaviors and personality traits of a target audience. We use the insights gleaned from those personas to create a website that better focuses on the needs and wants of its audience.

Interactive Prototyping

Prototypes are also a great way to start experiencing the website as it is built, to gain valuable feedback from the client and save on overall time and resources.


Conversion Analysis

After establishing a client’s goals, we analyze current web traffic and funnels (or lack thereof) to identify factors—often poor or unfocused UX—preventing conversion. This knowledge allows us to address the issue and push potentially valuable but otherwise passive traffic toward engagement.

Putting It All Together

At S4, we use several tools in the User Experience and Interface Design process but you, the client, are involved every step of the way. We provide web accessible links for your team and your users to engage with to collect real-time feedback prior to building the final product.

  • Usability Testing

  • Persona Development

  • Interactive Prototyping

  • Conversion Analysis

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