Proactive Support

Ongoing and proactive support stops small issues from becoming big problems. 

Helping things go smoothly

We’re invested in the continued success of our clients. This means websites aren’t hacked because the latest CMS update left them vulnerable. It means they don’t go down because someone applied a CMS update in the production environment. And it means clients can reach out to and rely on us without worrying about a bill for training and “phone time.” As soon as there’s an issue, question, or funny story, pick up the phone and let's chat. With our support, you can rest easy knowing that you have a web team ready for anything.


The Philosophy: Win-Win

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– Support Contract –

Secure with Our Support Contract

Stuff happens—new browser versions are released, static content needs changing, CMS's require critical security updates, and so on. Many companies leave these concerns unaddressed, allowing websites to become outdated, unstable, or even susceptible to exploitation. Typically, companies simply don't have the expertise necessary to monitor and apply key updates to their CMS. Additionally, working with an agency on a time-and-materials basis means that crucial training and support requests often are delayed or don't take place at all.

A support contract enables us to be proactive and let clients know when important updates to their CMS are released. Setting up and managing development, staging, and deployment environments certifies that these updates are safely applied, tested, and deployed. What's more, unlimited training, support requests, and phone calls are included.

– Assistance

Get the Support You Need

We know that no one likes getting a $25 invoice for a quick support chat. It leads to feeling nickel-and-dimed and ultimately being discouraged from picking up the phone. However, if you have a question or an issue, we want to help. Moreover, we believe prevention is the best cure: regular backups, quick application of updates, and failover systems limit exposure to malicious attacks and downtime.


So what's included?

Thank you for asking. We believe that our support services are comprehensive and contribute to building strong relationships with our clients, while also providing them with peace of mind.

  • Regular Backups of your website and database.

  • Pipeline Management. Development, Staging, and Deployment.

  • Training & Updates. New employees or new updates to code libraries, we've got our clients covered.

  • Priority ServiceWith paid support, we'll always drop what we're doing to help you out.

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