How We Work

Our Approach

At S4, we put the results first and our process is tailored to your specific needs. We follow an iterative, data-focused approach to continuously add value to your organization.



It all starts with a solid plan, sometimes created from scratch. Every one of our team members is thought of as a "creative". It takes a cross functional team in order to solve modern marketing and technology problems. We put our decades of varied experiences to work for you!


Once you have a plan, it has to be executed. Our team is not limited to just good ideas. We have the resources to turn any plan into reality. From graphic design to software development, our team has what it takes to make it happen. 



So, you have a new website, now what? True, measurable growth is achieved through constant and informed enhancements to your entire digital ecosystem. We refer to the launch as the "starting line".  Proper execution of marketing and growth tactics is just as important as the original big idea. 

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