Chris Olberding

Chris Olberding, Co-founder & Creative Partner.

Chris O. is a mad scientist who combines the right mix of marketing, design strategy, and technical knowledge. His unrivaled vision and leadership keeps the company and our quality of work top-notch.

Chris Olberding heads up the design and strategy side of Station Four. He is in charge of ensuring quality of output no matter the project. He is often involved at the planning level of projects and maintains consistent presence to uphold cohesive strategic consistence. Chris has the invaluable ability to translate a client’s goal into actionable marketing strategy. He excels at articulating concepts and educating clients, so they can make empowered and informed business decisions.

At Station Four, Chris is never at rest. He is constantly looking to identify newer, more efficient tools and opportunities to better the direction of the company. His mixed background of marketing and design allows him to look at the functionality of the company on a wider scale, making smart decisions from a business strategy perspective while fostering a creative environment for day-to-day operations.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What is your approach to working with a new client?

I simply try to be as honest as I can. The beginning of a new business relationship is a lot like dating; it’s going to go a whole lot better if you can cut through the crap and be open to really communicating. When I come across someone who wants to approach every meeting as a hostile negotiation, we usually end up walking away from the project, because I know we are not going to be in a position to produce successful work.

What are some of your goals for Station Four?

We’re working on a fairly large application for managing our workflow and communication with clients called Lifecycle that I think will be huge for us. We’re also looking to bring in some more talented designers and developers to increase the diversity of perspectives and technologies that we apply to our work.

What’s your next racing goal?

I’d like to do a half-ironman in 2014 and perhaps a marathon between then and now. I had planned on doing a 70.3 this year but ended up putting my training on hold as my wife and I prepared for our first child. I’m just getting back into my regimen now.

How is fatherhood treating you?

It’s been wonderful. My son Ashe was born April 21st of last year and my wife, Jessica, has been amazing. He’s just about 14 months old now and is starting to walk all about.

Power Rankings

Four Quick Facts About Chris

  • 100,000+

    Over 100k Tracks Scrobbled on

  • Checkmate!

    Was president of the UF Chess Club...briefly.

  • Running Man

    1st place in novice category in first triathlon.

  • Not all Right

    Part of the 15% of the world that is left handed.