Ian DeSousa Ian DeSousa

Ian DeSousa, Managing Director.

Ian is Station Four’s smooth operator—he ensures all agency processes are running efficiently and smoothly by maintaining cohesiveness across all departments. He also helps build and foster the agency’s creative culture.

Ian is a multidisciplinary leader wearing multiple hats. His role encompasses a range of responsibilities including operations, business management, communications, and long-range planning. Ian works closely with the agency’s leadership team to develop highly effective business processes and production mechanisms that span the creative, development, and marketing strategy teams. In addition to overseeing internal systems, Ian helps manage and motivate staff members and cultivate an exceptional work environment.

From directing large teams of copywriters and website designers to working as an executive producer for an award-winning public media program, Ian brings more than 15 years of experience managing people, projects and resources for a variety of industries. When he's not focused on improving Station Four operations, Ian can be found spending time with his alluring wife, Kelly, their two-year old son, Estlin, and the family’s odd-ball duo of dogs.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

How does your role in operations fit into an agency environment?

It’s all about putting the right systems in place to allow the staff to spend less time managing procedures and more time doing what they do best. By making continual process improvements and streamlining unnecessary complexities, we can quickly react to changing needs, create a better experience for employees, and provide more value to our clients.

What’s your approach to managing employees of different temperaments and experience

Regardless of personality or background, we all want to know that our contribution makes a difference and our opinions matter. While that sounds fairly simple, it’s easy to lose sight of when everyone is juggling multiple deadlines and priorities. The key to combatting that is open communication. Being clear about what’s needed and why it’s important, taking time to listen, and remembering that we’re all in it together.

Who’s the Best James Bond?

That’s a tough one. Every incarnation brought something to the role, and Daniel Craig has taken things to a whole new level. At the end of the day though, I’d have to pick Sean Connery as the quintessential 007.

What makes you such a fan of comic books?

I’ve always been a sucker for storytelling, and there’s something about the interplay between words and images that adds a dimension to the medium you don’t get from books or film. Add to that new takes on traditional archetypes, and you’ve got a rich modern-day mythology with endless possibilities.

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Four Quick Facts About Ian


    Collection of over 2,500 comics and counting.


    Loves Jamaican Ska and Rocksteady music.

  • EH?

    Ian was born in
    Ontario, Canada.


    Interested in all things Samurai.