Walker Ragland Walker Ragland

Walker Ragland, Project Manager.

The engine behind many of our projects, Walker provides a strong mix of management philosophies and rapport to give our clients and team the level of comfort that breeds creative solutions.

With a background in marketing and project management, Walker approaches each project by working backwards from its objectives and creating a plan that carries the whole team towards that end. As a manager, he holds the belief that the most successful projects begin and end with clear and open lines of communication between all parties involved. As each project then progresses through the different stages and is handed off to the different team members, he ensures that expectations are being met on both sides and that nothing falls through the cracks.

A marketing native, Walker came to Station Four after working as a Marketing Operations Specialist and Project Manager for a large research firm. There he honed his abilities to lead teams of people toward common objectives and lead campaigns for various internal and external initiatives. His professional journey began before the firm at Valdosta State University, home of the Blazers, where he received a BBA in Marketing. Outside of the office, you’ll find him watching football in the fall, or most likely meandering around Disney World.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What’s your approach to managing projects?

Open communication. I know that to be effective, a project manager needs to be open and approachable from both the client and team member’s perspective. Only after communication channels are established can it become about process: laying the goals and timeline, educating stakeholders on tracking metrics and defining regular touch points that move a project from one stage to the next, without leaving anything behind.

How do you help ensure that client expectations are being met?

It sounds simple, but the first step is to slow down and listen to what they need, then define the goals and expectations at the outset. It not only establishes expectations, but also a rapport that makes for a better project experience for everyone. Once the project is moving along, regular checkins are crucial to communicating progress and allowing for quick adjustments as needs flex and shift.

What are a few things you’re passionate about?

I love to tinker with consumer electronics and explore how something like a new smartphone or tablet blends artistic taste with technical prowess. I’m a big Android fan because they respect their users enough to give them an open OS and say, “Do whatever you want with it.” I’m an anti-Apple guy for the same reason.

Anything else we should ask for this bio?

Hmm... I’m a huge advertising critic and find that most ads irritate me more than they should. I went so far as to stand up a blog a few years ago called “Badvertising” where I both panned and praised different ads.

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Four Quick Facts About Walker

  • It's magical!

    A confirmed Disney
    World junkie

  • Open Source

    A big-time Android

  • Go Blazers!

    A Valdosta State University Graduate

  • Big Killers Fan

    Owns every recorded