We provide a variety of creative solutions.

Philosophically, our approach to design, development, and marketing skews toward quick data-driven iteration. When a digital endeavor calls for a different type of solution—team augmentation, ongoing support, or something else entirely—our expertise ensures it's implemented with a consistent focus on user needs and business objectives.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement entails the design and development of a “launch pad” website to serve as a minimum viable product and platform for post-launch enhancements. These are prioritized based on expected return on investment and are organized into monthly “sprints,” which utilize data gathered from previous efforts to ensure ongoing adaptation toward metrics of success.

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Digital Kickstart

The two-week digital kickstart is a cost-effective method for producing a twelve-month digital marketing strategy customized to clients’ resources, budgets, industries, and brands. With such an overwhelming assortment of marketing channels present in today’s digital landscape, the digital kickstart empowers clients with the knowledge of how to concentrate their marketing resources most effectively.

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Product Development

When undertaking product development, we utilize exhaustive research and a comprehensive UX workshop to identify a minimum viable product that can enable launch as quickly as possible. We follow this initial preparation with low-fidelity, high-fidelity, and interactive prototyping, all based on detailed and continually acquired analytics to guarantee products remain user- and goal-focused.

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Project-Based Work

When clearly defined timelines, resources, or other specific scopes are a priority, we can create and operate within a distinct project framework. Often, these projects are highly targeted social media campaigns, logo design or similar branding, or unique endeavors that call for equally unique methods of execution.

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Team Augmentation

Peak workloads or absent-but-temporarily-necessary skill sets sometimes demand the addition of more team members, yet this is often financially detrimental and overall impractical. In these instances, we can provide our knowledge and abilities—and integrate with already existing processes—to ensure objectives are achieved.

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Support Retainer

The web is constantly evolving and updating, with new versions of CMS’s and browsers released all the time. These changes can cause unforeseen issues that many companies don’t have the resources or expertise to address. Fortunately, we offer a support retainer so that whenever a question or concern arises, or whenever training is needed, we’re available to provide unlimited help.

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