Aimee Payne Aimee Payne

Aimee Payne, Marketing Manager.

A digital marketing and writing expert, Aimee ensures clear understanding of a client's digital standing before offering data-informed strategies focused on measurable success.

As part of Station Four’s marketing team, Aimee helps ensure that everything we do for our clients maintains a strategy-first focus that is centered on audience and built to meet real-world marketing objectives. Throughout our discovery process and beyond, she analyzes our clients' marketing objectives and initiatives and makes data-driven recommendations that move the needle forward. The result is digital marketing that not only looks great but is useful to the user and effective for the client.

With a passion for clear, effective communication, Aimee brings a wealth of creativity and marketing experience to the team, having spent a good many years as a market research writer, web copywriter, and in-house marketing coordinator. She has an M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She's currently working on a novel that emits a high-pitched shriek whenever a reader tries to put it down.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What’s your approach to digital marketing?

The main constant in my career has been a focus on audience. Whether working on recommendations for website content, PPC campaigns, or blog posts, one of the most important considerations is what the audience wants or needs. Sometimes that focus can get lost when a client has a lot of great products or services they want to brag about. I enjoy finding ways to bridge that gap so the finished website matches the client’s vision while giving the consumer what they need.

What’s one thing you tell clients about marketing?

Businesses have the power to control the tone of the relationships they have with their customers. With creative, transparent marketing efforts, they can tell customers what to expect for everything from product performance to after-sale service. Once those expectations are set, all a business has to do is follow through.

What’s something you find fascinating?

I love true crime books and TV shows. It probably started back in the 80s with Unsolved Mysteries. Now I’m an Investigation Discovery junkie. It doesn’t matter how bad the shows are (and I have some really strong critiques of some of them), I will watch. Because of this, I know a lot of random factoids about serial killers, which makes me really popular at parties.

Do you have an outside project or hobby?

I also like old cameras. I have at least five old Polaroid cameras from the 50s to the 00s, a Kodak Brownie from the 30s, and a Yashica MAT twin reflex (I think from the 80s). All are functional. Right now, my favorite is my Polaroid 230 Land Camera. It’s from the late 60s and has a ridiculously complex process for taking pictures that makes them seem a lot less instant than advertised. I also have a DSLR, but digital photography isn’t as much fun.

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Four Quick Facts About Aimee

  • YA Writer

    Writes fiction for teens.

  • Music Critic

    Strong opinions about music.

  • Plays Instruments

    A few being piano,
    percussion, and cello.

  • Cat Lady in Waiting

    Four cats. 'Nuff said?