Britta Williams Britta Williams

Britta Williams, Office Coordinator.

A first point-of-contact for many, Britta works directly with new clients and S4’s leadership to ensure that each relationship starts on a solid footing.

As S4’s Office Coordinator, Britta works in day-to-day operations to help promote a healthy work environment in and around the office -something we’re super grateful for. With a strong background in hospitality, she carries a belief that the best part of any business should be how it seeks to develop and nurture relationships with its clients and team. In the tech industry -where most communication is through email- she looks for opportunities to add a personal touch and build positive connections that ensure a better understanding of needs and expectations.

Britta joins the team at Station Four after spending several years working in a variety of hospitality positions including Catering Coordinator and Customer Service Representative for a historic hotel in downtown Charleston. Each step of the way, she developed a stronger attraction for building lasting relationships and helping deliver great customer experiences. All of this led her to our agency, where relationships and creative experiences are part of the everyday work. Born in Minnesota, she grew up in South Carolina and holds a Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the beautiful College of Charleston.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

Do you have a personal philosophy for working with people?

I think it mostly boils down to being genuine. Things like enthusiasm, engagement, and just overall friendliness can be easily perceived and positively impact working relationships. Excitement on a project can be infectious, and I think it’s always a good thing for a client and the project team to see a candid eagerness to work together.

What brought you into the creative industry?

I think my intrigue stems from wanting to be involved in an industry that was equally focused on creativity as it was business. It was also very important to me to step into a position that held the same personal customer relationship aspect that originally attracted me to the hospitality industry.

We hear you spent a year in Europe; any memorable experiences?

One weekend I had taken the train from Denmark into Amsterdam alone, and everything was fine until I was headed home and the train was stopped by German border control. That is when I realized I hadn’t brought my passport or my Danish Visa. It resulted in me being interrogated by an officer, who spoke only broken English, and I swear was 7 ft tall. Needless to say he wasn’t amused by my South Carolina Driver’s License. I still don’t know how I talked myself out of that one.

What makes for a good day hike?

For me it doesn’t take much more than great weather and a new trail to blaze. I also prefer to hike alone because then I can go at my own pace and really decompress. The best hike I’ve ever taken was a 10-hour solo hike to Trolltunga in Norway.

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Four Quick Facts About Britta

  • Born in Minnesota

    The land of eternal optimism

  • COC Alum

    Holds a degree from the College of Charleston

  • “Keep Pounding”

    A Carolina Panthers fan

  • Hiking is the jam

    Which is pretty much walking where it’s
    okay to pee