Cat Byerly Cat Byerly

Cat Byerly, Director of Marketing.

Driven by the limitless potential of digital, rooted in a client-first approach, Cat is Station Four’s champion of marketing excellence.

Cat joins the team at Station Four with diverse experience in digital and traditional marketing. From high-level strategic planning to hands-on endeavors like SEO and conversion rate optimization audits, she’s been bringing passion to her work crafting strategic digital experiences for more than a decade. Cat leverages her experience in industries which include healthcare, legal, education, B2B technology and more to combine creativity and best practices to bring clients a strategic mix of the best of both worlds.

At Station Four, Cat believes in looking at consumer needs, creating measurable goals to meet those needs and designing a marketing strategy that aggressively pursues those goals. When she gets a little time of the office, Cat can be found furiously typing on web forums trying to predict the outcome of HBO programs like Game of Thrones and Westworld. And when she gets more than a little time, she’s prefers long hikes in beautiful places.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

Where do most companies have the most unrealized growth potential?

I’ve seen so many smart, hard-working business leaders fall into the trap of what I call “marketing by duct tape.” Which is really just an un-fancy way of describing the practice of adding more and more marketing tactics over time with no real overarching goals or connection to each other. It usually comes from a good place: People want to stay on the cutting edge, so they add on all these new things they hear about. But it can be ineffective and hard to track. By taking a step back and evaluating which tactics are the right fit for your goals, and putting into place systems to measure and compare progress across multiple tactics, that’s how you really stay ahead of the competition.

How did you get into marketing?

I got into marketing somewhat backwards: I learned digital marketing first and traditional marketing second. My “first love” as far as marketing goes was SEO, or search engine optimization. I’m so thankful for that because SEO forces you to always be mindful of the end user -- because it’s all about what the consumer is searching for online. Ever since, I’ve brought that consumer-first approach to marketing, and it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Where do you see the future of marketing?

Technology has revolutionized how consumers make decisions about businesses. Tasks and processes that were formerly in the carefully partitioned realm of sales are now wedged in the now-blurry no man's land between marketing and sales, all deeply drenched in data. The future of marketing is taking that data and automating what can be automated and providing sales team with actionable insights to close that gap.

What skill are you currently leveling up?

I’ve enjoyed video games my whole life, but any games requiring more than a basic level of hand eye coordination are not my strong suit. I once had a C-Level executive (who’d been a nationally ranked Halo player) coach me for an hour… and I still couldn’t manage to aim the gun and the camera at the same time. Video games keep me humble, and I think everyone should have something like that in their life.

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Four Quick Facts About Cat

  • Loves Red Bull

    Both the energy drink and the Formula 1 team.

  • Mid Century Maven

    Broyhill Brasilia FTW.

  • Fan Theorizer

    Tries to predict the future of books & shows..

  • Brewery Fangirl

    Don't ask her to pick a favorite IPA.