Chris Lahey Chris Lahey

Chris Lahey, Principal.

Captain of technology and his own sailboat (one day!), Chris keeps S4 on the forefront of web development. If your project requires more than just a bit of pretty, you will be glad to have him in your corner.

Chris Lahey commands the development efforts at Station Four with full authority, handling primary application development and strategic decision-making surrounding that epic job. His extensive experience in web development and database design allows him to not only seamlessly support our creative efforts but also to come up with elegant and scalable applications.

Chris is keen on taking high-level concepts and creating accessible solutions that are right for our clients' project and budget. He is tirelessly exploring and absorbing information on the newest of technologies to keep Station Four ahead of not just this curve, but the next one. When he is not flexing his brain muscles at work, Chris is working on 1000 other projects in and around his house, hanging out with his beautiful wife Sarah, his two cat children and dreaming up ways to make Station Four bigger and better.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What are the advantages of using the ASP.NET framework?

It totally divorces the interface files with the backend files. It allows for a maximum amount of control over design from a designer’s perspective. From a developers perspective, it is very flexible when it comes to rapid prototyping and that makes my job much easier.

What’s your process to architecting a web application?

The process is similar to the design process, except you have to be listening for themes of data and associations of data elements. You have to think about detailed information in an abstract way.

What is your dream sailing trip?

I would love to take six months to a year going down the Caribbean chain on my own personal sailboat with a high speed satellite and a bunch of cats!

How many cats is too many cats?

That answer is simple. There can never be too many cats!

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Four Quick Facts About Chris

  • Two For Now

    Chris has two cats:
    Parker and Marmalade.

  • Row! Row!

    On winning team in NY state crew championship.

  • Collector

    Chris owns six bikes
    he needs to ride more.

  • '69 Volks

    Drove 9,000 mi cross-country in his '69 VW.