Hannah McDaniel Hannah McDaniel

Hannah McDaniel, Project Manager.

Hannah is a master organizer who takes charge of keeping our team on task and our clients updated during every step of their projects.

Hannah’s commitment to providing our clients with regular, clear communication keeps projects moving forward. By making sure all parties -- both internal and external -- understand where we are in the process, she is able to address any issues and answer questions as they come up. She acts as a bridge between the S4 team and our clients to foster collaboration that results in a project that is calibrated to the client’s specific goals.

With a bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, and Marketing from Towson University in her home state of Maryland, Hannah comes to S4 with a background in digital marketing and project management. She has experience working with clients in the healthcare, education, retail, and restaurant industries on marketing and web, CMS, and mobile app development projects.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What do you feel is the key to successfully managing a project?

It’s important to set very clear expectations for both sides at the beginning of every project. It might seem a little overboard to make sure every deliverable and line item are spelled out, but it helps everyone understand what their role is and what the deliverables for the project will be. When you are talking about a big project like a full website redesign, every image and line of copy will need approval. Discussing time commitments at the start helps us stay on track and meet deadlines.

How do you balance client expectations with agency workloads?

Constant communication. I’d rather communicate more often than necessary than leave a client in the dark, with no idea where we are on their project. It’s important to keep our clients up-to-date on what we will be working on and when, so they have time to prepare assets and schedule internal reviews on their end. They have a lot on their plates -- it’s why they hired us! I want to make sure they have ample time to review everything from wireframes to final copy.

What is your dream vacation?

I've been dying to go back to Europe. There are so many amazing cities and countries I want to explore over there. At this point I've only been to Italy, so I’m planning on heading back to Europe within the next two years (fingers crossed). France, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain, and Italy (again) are all on my list.

So...Tell us a little more about the chickens.

There are too many... seriously! We have 15, and they are all at different stages of life. Eight currently lay eggs pretty much every day, five are tweens, and two are babies. Chickens make hanging out in the backyard so much fun! We have six different types, and they all have unique personalities. Most of them are very friendly, and a few of our favorites are very affectionate and love a scratch on the head. Even my dogs are obsessed with them. They check in on the babies every morning and night just to see what they’re doing.

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Four Quick Facts About Hannah

  • Chickens

    Has more than a dozen

  • Card Shark

    Loves playing cards and board games

  • EuroTraveler

    Ready to see all
    of Europe

  • Marylander

    Hails from Baltimore, Maryland