Jeff Wilson Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, Senior Front End Developer.

From print to digital, Jeff uses his range of experience to create smart and memorable experiences.

Jeff is a front-end developer with experience in web, application and print design. As part of both the creative and development team at S4, he brings a unique design perspective to front-end development and a developer's mind to the creative process. The result is a deceptively simple, smart interface that gives users a seamless experience.

Growing up, Jeff was exposed to design through his Mother’s design agency. The exposure and industry knowledge led him to pursue a career that started in print design and continued into exclusively designing digital experiences. When Jeff isn’t designing in front of a monitor, he’s most likely kayaking, fishing, camping, or preparing an amazing meal.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

How do you stay up with industry trends?

I use the Internet as any normal person would, a lot. As the web evolves I get to experience the direction its heading and adapt my techniques to match or beat the current trends. Even though I am a designer/developer, I try to experience things from a user’s perspective. You can also catch me reading software documentation and design magazines to stay in touch with the industry side of things.

How does your print design background help you in digital?

My primary experience with print is in poster design. Most people look at posters for less than a second. Because they behave the same way when viewing a webpage, I’ve learned that you need to have a potent message that compels a viewer to become a user. In my mind I’m still basically making posters. Except you get to play with them.

Is it true that you’re a professional musician?

Yes, I say that because I receive checks and have to pay taxes. But it began as a hobby. My friends and I started a band and eventually were offered paid gigs at bars, weddings, and festivals. And for the last ten years or so we’ve been at it regularly. I play guitar in the band and recently have started singing as well. Playing music is my favorite thing to do.

What do you like to do for fun?

It’s difficult to find something I don’t enjoy so I have an ever-evolving laundry list of hobbies. I like to do anything outdoors or on the water. In contrast you can also find me caved-up playing video games or binge watching a great TV series. I cook almost every night and really love to experiment and improvise with food. In short, I play.

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Four Quick Facts About Jeff

  • Foodie

    Loves all things
    food related.

  • Outdoorsman

    Nature is his

  • 3.2.1. Fight

    Has a Black Belt
    in Kung Fu.

  • Greenthumb

    Grows Vegetables in
    his back yard.