Liz Thompson Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson, Senior Software Developer.

Liz takes on complicated dev challenges with a positive attitude and calm confidence that keeps our projects running smoothly.

Liz Thompson is a Software Developer with development experience across several industries including healthcare and ecommerce. A Jacksonville native and UNF alum, Liz has held several development positions in Northeast, Florida.

In client projects, she is always looking for ways to bring efficiency into large-scale development with her passion for the MVC design pattern, which encourages collaboration and scalability. Always excited to learn new things, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge in both website and application development. In her free time, Liz enjoys time at Jax Beach and the dog park.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What made you want to start a career in the tech industry?

Since I was a kid, working with computers always came naturally. My first real coding experiences were back when everyone had a myspace and I found myself captivated by the different themes, formats and behaviors you could create with code. I also come from a technology savvy family. My father, cousin and an uncle are also software developers . They have always encouraged me and influenced me to really challenge myself and overcome any obstacles that I face.

Why use the MVC design pattern?

MVC, or model-view-controller design pattern, has numerous benefits when efficiently developing web applications. Due the separation of components, MVC allows multiple developers to work in sync without getting stuck waiting on the other or accidentally stepping on each others toes while solving the same problem. Another huge advantage of the MVC framework is the ease and low impact of modifications. Due the abstracted pattern, changes are less likely to affect multiple parts of your application, which ultimately leads to a long lasting, more scalable solution.

How can a development team continually improve?

Spreading knowledge and awareness is key for a team to learn and grow from each other. Code reviews and lunch-and-learns are great for spreading knowledge on new technologies, common mistakes, and revisiting team initiatives and goals.

Where can we find you on a Saturday?

On a nice Saturday, I will either be at the dog park or the beach. Last year, I adopted a one year old dog from the Jax Humane Society and he has been quite a handful. He is crazy, loving, goofy ball of energy. On Saturday mornings, we head over to the Brewhounds dog park where I can sit back with an iced late while he runs wild with all his dog friends. After our morning park trip, he will take a short nap (usually snuggled up to my cat, Noodle, who is his best friend) so I can ride my bike to the beach and enjoy some sun and salt water.

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Four Quick Facts About Liz

  • Jax Native

    Born here and staying

  • Traveler

    Travels abroad annually,
    in Brazil for 2 weeks last year

  • Barre Fanatic

    Loves Barre classes
    and goes often

  • Animal Lover

    Has a cat named Noodle
    and a dog named Bo