Reba Habib Reba Habib

Reba Habib, Digital Marketing.

S4’s Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, Reba Habib, is a cross-trained, data-driven marketing and design professional. Her unique background in design offers out-of-the-box thinking for solving problems and finding unique solutions.

At Station Four, she helps both small and large businesses engage on digital platforms using digital analytics, industry best practices, and design psychology to out market their competitors and create awareness for their customers. She has a fierce love of data-driven decision making and is constantly striving to do what is best for the client and their customers.

When Reba isn’t helping build sure-fire marketing content and strategies, she enjoys learning new skills and survival builder games on steam. Her biggest passion and most time-consuming hobby is learning. She believes personal and professional development are essential to making a positive impact in the world.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What makes you passionate about digital marketing?

Helping people. Most people who seek to help others end up in jobs such as nursing or social work. I enjoy being a marketer because I get to help people everyday in unique ways. Within a single campaign I am helping the owner of a business reach their customers and improve their profits, while helping their customers solve a problem that our client has the solution for. In the midst of that, I’m collecting and analyzing data to report performance and derive business insights that our clients can use to improve the overall business strategies.

How do you keep current on marketing trends, ideas, and philosophies?

The marketing industry is always shifting and advancing as new technologies and platforms are launched every day. Now it’s more important than ever to stay in-the-know on marketing strategies and tools. To try and stay ahead of the tide, I am constantly investing in continued education. I’m buying books, online courses, reading blogs from industry leaders, following thought leaders on social accounts and attending industry related webinars. I’m constantly looking for new tools and resources that could potentially solve industry needs for our marketing team as well as for our clients.

If you could give companies one solid piece of marketing advice, what would it be and why?

Look at the data, and if you can’t look at it - set it up, or clean it up. It can be hard to break old habits, especially as modern times require businesses to care more and more about their data. Complacency with ill-managed data from the past could be affecting your bottom line. If you fall into that trap, cleaning up or focusing on the data will help provide a clearly paved road to get out of complacency and into a more productive and effective business practice. Having the data to back up business decisions allows you to mitigate some of the risk in decision making because your choices are derived from a data-driven and proven approach. No matter how well we think we know our audience, they can – and do – always surprise us.

What else do you do?

I’m somewhat a jack of all trades. Over the course of my career I have learned skills to help fill the gaps when this is needed. Because of that, I know a little bit about a lot. Enough to code emails, or step in to help design teams meet client deadlines. From explaining blockchain to healthcare clients to handling print vendor relations: If it needs to get done, I’m more than happy to help.

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Four Quick Facts About Reba

  • Secret Entrepreneur

    Has started small businesses.

  • Seven Parents

    More than broke during the holidays.

  • Survival Gamaholic

    99% of the games in my Steam.

  • 100% Nerd

    Let me learning any day of the week.