Sabreena Canlas Sabreena Canlas

Sabreena Canlas, Senior Designer.

Sabreena packs a 1-2 punch as a designer and front end developer. Her experience with a variety of illustration styles, backed with strong knowledge of design and typography, allow her to craft engaging web designs with a unique aesthetic.

Sabreena tackles any design project with a keen eye, a steady hand, and endless imagination. Her solid design cred and sharp front end dev skills result in attractive sites that are based on smart UX. She brings fresh ideas that are backed by a passion to stay current with new technologies. Sabreena earned her B.A. in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of North Florida.

When she’s not making our clients’ digital platforms look their very best, she’s dealing out humiliation Nintendo-style with a cat snuggled on each hip. S4’s Mistress of Cats, keeps the neglected illustrator in her heart happy by staying crafty with sculpting, papercrafts, painting, and photography projects and hanging out on Pinterest. In 2017, she achieved her long-time dream of going to E3, the computer and video gaming event held annually in Los Angeles.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

What's your approach in using illustration in web design?

Illustrations are incredibly unique, so I use them to give webpages some character and spirit that they couldn't otherwise obtain. Sometimes I allow them to be the primary attention-grabbers in place of photographs; other times, they blend into the overall design to help develop the site's mood.

Who are some other designers you admire?

Oh boy, that’s a long list. But really, it’s the folks who are leading the way with modern trends that hold a top place in my heart. I especially appreciate Denis Sazhin and his collection of wonderfully whimsical fat-cat animations...for obvious reasons. I'm also a fan of James White and his super retrowave designs. It must be a dream to work with those neon color palettes!

What are some things you're excited about in design?

As mobile devices continue to take over, I love that UX and design conventions are being reimagined. The trends are getting more adventurous as developers and designers unite to solve these cross-device solutions, and it's making for really beautiful, usable end products. I'm also keeping a close eye on the VR scene, but we'll see where that goes.

What kind of video games do you like?

Honestly, I enjoy playing anything from puzzle and simulation games to horror-thriller and first-person-shooters. My favorite types are probably fantasy role-playing or action-adventure games, since they have a tendency of having both immersive stories, as well as enjoyable and challenging gameplay.

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Four Quick Facts About Sabreena

  • KPOP Enthusiast

    Loves all the Korean
    boy dances.

  • Cat Whisperer

    Regularly attends
    nearby cat shows.

  • Laugh Riot

    Loves going to stand-up
    comedy shows.

  • Game Show Fan

    Wants to be the next contestant on
    the Price Is Right.