Tyler Buchanan Tyler Buchanan

Tyler Buchanan, Developer.

Tyler takes on complicated dev challenges with a cool head and calm confidence that keeps our projects running smoothly.

Tyler always knew he wanted to be a programming superstar. He started writing game servers in Java and from then he knew what he wanted to do. He navigates the ins and outs of architecture design to ensure solutions are well structured and meet the business and technical needs of a project.

He likes to stay current on the most recent news in the wonderful world of development by interacting with the dev community, digging deep on interesting subjects, and then getting hands dirty trying new things. A Florida native, Tyler enjoys video games (obviously) and kicking back on the bank of a freshwater lake for a little fishing.

Four Quick Questions

Four Quick Questions

How does your background in game development inform the work you’re doing now?

It really helped early on. Game development is a great way to learn reverse engineering skills. I was able to easily pick up on new things because I understood the best ways to quickly adapt to new technologies. Without game development, I wouldn't be in software at all. It introduced the subject to me and was a platform that allowed me to learn in my own time.

What is your personal philosophy on architecture design?

Architecture design is an extremely important element that often gets overlooked in many applications. When time isn't taken to properly design a structure for code and the "shut up and code" approach is taken, you end up with large, time consuming maintenance issues that require attention from developers who didn't write the original source. So many enterprise solutions exist with poor architecture. That makes it hard to add features and fix bugs no matter how experienced the person working on it is. I try to focus on practicing good design principles to help counteract this and produce software that ages well so that it doesn't cause headaches 5 to 10 years in the future.

We hear you like working on cars. What’s your dream project?

That would have to be a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle or Camaro. The ‘67 Camaro is a classic American pony car, so that one’s pretty obvious. I’ve always really liked how the last version of the first-gen Chevelles looked.

What, exactly, is mudding?

Mudding is exactly what it sounds like. You climb into something with tires that cost more than the whole vehicle, and then drive it through 4-8 foot deep mud puddles. It’s kind of a competition to see who gets the furthest in the least amount of time, but really it’s just about getting everything muddy.

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Four Quick Facts About Tyler

  • Gamer

    He doesn’t just play them…he makes them.

  • Fisherman

    All about the freshwater.

  • Mud Lover

    There’s nothing like getting stuck in the mud.

  • Florida Man

    But the good kind.