Native Mobile App Development for Android & iOS

Building an app is the right way to get into your customers’ pockets

Mobile Applications are the Fastest Growing Slice of the Digital Pie

Mobile app development (not to be confused with web app development) has become a fixture contemporary media landscape. Roughly half of all digital media interaction currently occurs inside an app, and mobile users spend 87% of their time in-app, as opposed to only 13% on a mobile browser. That averages to 2.3 hours per day across all age groups. Mobile apps can be an excellent source of revenue and brand awareness for your company, improve engagement with your organization, and develop a lasting competitive advantage.

Expertise to Carry You Through From the Whiteboard to Product Launch

Unfortunately, the mobile app market is often poorly understood. Everyone has an idea for an app, but only a few develop into the killer new app that achieves widespread adoption. We’ve found that many clients don’t consider App Store optimization, product rollout, or the marketing associated with launch. Have you considered if you’re going to pursue funding and how that will be achieved? What data needs to be integrated with the back-end? You only get one chance to make a first impression, so we make sure our clients put their best foot forward.

Apps Designed For Users

At Station Four, we consider every facet of your product. We succeed when you succeed, so we ask the hard questions. We start with a deep dive into the consumer marketplace data, develop user profiles & story maps, and gather all the necessary requirements. Our design team then puts together application wireframes aligned with those user stories, creates beautiful designs aligned with your brand standards, and builds a working prototype of your application. Finally, our developers integrate the application with all necessary data sources, and the marketing team puts together a plan for rollout and launch.