Launch Pad Website


Ongoing Monthly Engagement


How Long?

6–10 weeks for launch pad depending on minimum requirements

Let’s answer some basic questions:

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How does it work?

The first step is to right the ship by working together to build a platform and website that can scale. In many cases, the companies we talk with have mediocre or even awful websites both aesthetically and functionally (they're not mobile-friendly, they're built in an outdated content management system, and so on). In these cases, we recommend a short period of Discovery encompassing strategic research (~2 weeks), followed by an aggressive timeline for deploying a launch pad website that's responsive and integrated into a modern CMS (~6 weeks). In other cases, the current website is a sufficient starting point, and we can go directly into monthly iterations.

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Who will you work with?

When we get going, you'll be assigned a dedicated and cross-functional team comprising a strategic leader, a project manager, designers, developers, and marketers. This team stays with you and remains committed to and focused on producing results.

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What does it cost?

With CI, we're able to fix ongoing costs through prioritizing enhancements and working within an established monthly budget. For clients that require a launch pad website, we provide an initial fixed cost based on needs and then move into monthly iterations appropriate for the client’s opportunities and budget. For smaller companies, this might be $2K/month, but for others, it might be $10k/month.

Interested in starting?

Our skills and processes are best in class, but they have nothing on our people. If you’re looking to start right away or would like to talk to a strategist about an upcoming project, give us a call.