How Much?


For Whom?

Mid-sized companies with at least one dedicated marketing staff member

How Long?

2 Weeks

Let’s answer some basic questions:

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What exactly does the digital kickstart involve?

We start by conducting a strategic workshop in which we learn about a client's company, brand, and any past or current marketing efforts. We then spend a week conducting research to evaluate the client's industry, competitors, data, and consumers. During the second week, we use what we learned in the first to conduct further marketing analysis and identify specific gaps and opportunities.

Working within the client's budget, these findings are then converted into actionable recommendations, including a twelve-month roadmap with estimated costs and timelines.

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Who do clients work with?

Clients work most intimately with one of our strategists, who will have access to a team of designers, developers, and marketers to help inform their recommendations.

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Why does this take only two weeks?

Because there’s no time like the present! The condensed planning period ensures clients can stay focused and engaged with the process while avoiding paralysis by analysis. The digital kickstart is great for companies who haven’t previously gone after it with digital, meaning there’s low-hanging fruit.

Let’s talk breakdown:

Prior to kickoff, we send clients a document that outlines the process and helps them prepare to work with us. Our strategist then determines the appropriate participants for the initial workshop and schedules a kickoff date.

Week 1

  1. Kickoff and Workshop We introduce the client to the process and immediately follow with a broad discussion about their company.
  2. Brand Messaging and Technical Audit We review the client's brand, beginning with its messaging. We’ll simultaneously review current platforms, where applicable.
  3. Industry and Competitive Marketing Analysis Starting with the industry, we analyze the entire digital landscape before moving into competitors’ current digital initiatives.
  4. Current Effort and Analytics Analysis We take a look at current marketing initiatives and analytics to get a baseline for our recommendations.
  5. Audience Persona and Journey Mapping We define audience personas and touchpoints and gain an understanding of their customer journey.

Week 2

  1. Search, Social, and Content Analysis and Recommendations We conduct an analysis of current rankings and traffic, social, and content marketing possibilities.
  2. Technical and Brand Recommendations and Scope We evaluate current platforms and provide brand and design recommendations based on findings.
  3. Media and Budget Planning Cross-referencing journey map touchpoints and the overall budget, we suggest the level and timing of spend across all channels.
  4. Marketing Plan Preparation Once our recommendations are set, we prepare the marketing plan and a detailed implementation plan for the first three months.
  5. Plan Presentation We present the marketing plan, answer all questions, and schedule next steps or a follow-up if needed.

Interested in starting?

Our skills and processes are best in class, but they have nothing on our people. If you’re looking to start right away or would like to talk to a strategist about an upcoming project, give us a call.