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Strategic Approach

A great product should never stop evolving. Through market research, we discover the best starting point before using a combination of sketching, rapid prototyping, user testing, and analytics to continually grow and improve the design and usability of a product over time.

For internal software projects, we’re able to work directly with managers and stakeholders to identify the best solution and jump directly into an iterative prototype and design phase.

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Collaborating with product owners, we dig into the competitive landscape of a product, perform exhaustive user research, assess various monetization models, and arrive at the product's unique value proposition.

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Minimum Viable Product

With insights derived from our prototyping phases, we define and launch a product encompassing all necessary features. We deem this the "minimum viable product," and it serves as an origin point from which to begin a series of post-launch enhancements. In this manner, we continually optimize the product, ensuring it adapts to user behavior and data.

Interested in starting?

Our skills and processes are best in class, but they have nothing on our people. If you’re looking to start right away or would like to talk to a strategist about an upcoming project, give us a call.