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Helping Things Go Smoothly

We’re invested in the continued success of our clients. This means websites aren’t hacked because the latest CMS update left them vulnerable. It means they don’t go down because someone applied a CMS update in the production environment. And it means clients can reach out to and rely on us without worrying about a bill for training and “phone time.” As soon as there’s an issue, question, or funny story, pick up the phone and let's chat. With our support, you can rest easy knowing that you have a web team ready for anything.

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The Philosophy: Win-win

We know that no one likes getting a $25 invoice for a quick support chat. It leads to feeling nickel-and-dimed and ultimately being discouraged from picking up the phone. However, if you have a question or an issue, we want to help. Moreover, we believe prevention is the best cure: regular backups, quick application of updates, and failover systems limit exposure to malicious attacks and downtime.

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So What's Included?

So glad you asked. We feel that our support offering is comprehensive and helps foster great relationships while providing peace of mind for our clients.

  • Regular backups of your website and database
  • Three-tiered development, staging, and deployment architecture facilitating adequate testing
  • Unlimited CMS training, meaning that whether new employees need to be brought up to speed or a one-off question needs to be answered, we've got our clients covered
  • CMS updates—including security and functional updates as well as any updates to third-party plugins—that are evaluated, installed, and tested before going live
  • Unlimited browser fixes that follow careful assessment of new browser versions, maintaining cross-platform functionality
  • Hosting management so that concerns about hosting conditions are tackled jointly by us and our clients' web hosts and our clients remain informed of outage statuses
  • Unlimited support requests for keeping your website adaptable

Interested in starting?

Our skills and processes are best in class, but they have nothing on our people. If you’re looking to start right away or would like to talk to a strategist about an upcoming project, give us a call.