Get Cloud Services

Web Design

GetCloud Services, a division of IT Solutions Now, first came to Station Four for help adding new sections and pages to their existing site. After, when the time came for a complete redesign, they partnered with Station Four again to design and build a fresh site that would update their online presence and provide a cleaner architecture to showcase their services.


Working with the team at Get Cloud, S4 audited the sitemap and content from the existing site and determined that their services could fit into 3 distinct categories: Cloud Servers, Cloud Desktop and Managed Hosting. This new architecture enabled us to build a more user-friendly navigation that incorporated custom icons and elements and guided visitors towards their desired service.

Creating Sub Navigations

Each service category had its own unique content that needed to be shown to a visitor. This is usually tricky because it requires the user to make several steps to get where they need to be. To enhance usability, we built sub navigations that would clearly show the visitor where they were on the site, and guide them towards the conversion pages.

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