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SaniGLAZE has been making waves in facilities management since 1995 with an ingenious solution for hard surface and tile restoration. With state-of-the-art technology and processes, SaniGLAZE makes floors look new again without all the hassle and expense of full-scale replacement.

SaniGLAZE has partnered with Station Four (S4) on digital strategy for X years, covering marketing efforts (traditional and digital), the migration of to the Hubspot CMS platform, and most recently the design of the SaniGLAZE Franchise website. 


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The Challenge

SaniGLAZE serves two different purposes with its digital efforts. First, SaniGLAZE educates facility managers on the benefit of their innovative tile and hard surface solution that requires less time and a lower price than replacement. The seven processes serve markets from healthcare to education. 

Secondly, SaniGLAZE is growing its fractional franchise program with franchisees throughout North America. Training and developing these relationships allows SaniGLAZE to expand its reach to serve facility managers with a cost-effective alternative. 



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The Build

SaniGLAZE has two websites serving the two needs. serves as an educational resource for facility managers, including process breakdowns, market features, blog posts, and the history of the company. This website serves as a lead generator for the franchisees. features resources for potential franchisees. This page provides additional details on what it means to be a fractional franchisee and how it can benefit someone who is currently in the space. 

Both websites use the HubSpot CMS platform, allowing all the information to be shared across one CRM. Workflows have been created to keep things organized and assign leads accordingly. 

  • Hubspot CMS platform
  • Agile project management
  • Milestone-based deliveries to ensure everyone is involved in critical decisions

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Brand Continuity

Brand Guidelines were used to create a unique look and feel for each website while maintaining brand integrity. 

  • Brand Colors established and used in a similar manner
  •  Use of pattern to differentiate 
  • Logos match to keep brand consistent

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Unique Messaging for Unique Audiences

S4 engaged with a copywriter on behalf of SaniGLAZE for its franchise site. Working with a copywriter ensured that the correct messaging with used while keeping SEO best practices in mind. 

Having unique messaging allows SaniGLAZE to provide the correct content to the correct audience. Linking between the two sites is utilized where it makes sense to keep content in its correct site. 


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Mobile-First Experience

Both sites were created using Mobile-First design best practices. Through the end of Q1 2023, 58.3% of people are engaging with websites via mobile. Optimization is important so as to not drive the customer away because of bad user experience (UX). 

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Getting the Word Out to the Public

By hosting within the Hubspot environment, marketing is made easy. Forms, blogs, landing pages, and CMS are all hosted with Hubspot to create a seamless marketing infrastructure. 

Targeted messaging allows SaniGLAZE to see how their customers are reacting and using their sites. Adjustments can be made to ensure that the best experience is had by everyone who visits their sites. 

SAN-195-Graphic for higher ed Guide

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Not just Digital

SaniGLAZE's industry requires them to engage in traditional print marketing. With our extensive knowledge of SaniGLAZE, we have provided assistance with the development and design of catalogs, conference materials and print media. 


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