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Ring Power is a CAT Equipment Dealer servicing North & Central Florida. With so many diverse niches and a need to differentiate their sites, Ring Power partnered with S4 to help design and re-architect their websites to focus more on the customer's ease of use and knowledge of Ring Power’s superior offerings.


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With diverse niches and areas in that Ring Power provides equipment, they needed a site that could convey this while showing off their selling points and highlighting their variety of project-size capabilities. This was completed with an updated look and feel while creating a user experience that also improved the visibility of their products and services. 



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Division Sites

With such a large audience for each diverse niche, we ensured the site worked well on all devices, especially mobile. Because the site was so closely intertwined with 13 other sites, we had to develop a sort of eco system for the sites that made sense. The results are seen in the top level, and sub-level navigations seen on all devices.


  • Agile work planning and pipeline management
  • Umbraco CMS 
  • Web and mobile responsive user interfaces

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Ongoing Engagement

After the initial launch, RingPower has continued to engage with Station Four to complete smaller enhancements to the sites that allow them to be optimized for the ever-changing digital landscape.  


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