Print & Package Design

Sometimes, You Actually Have to Think Inside the Box: Your product needs exceptional packaging to distinguish itself on the shelf. Get the engaging design your company needs.

Designs that Rise above
the Pack

Translating your brand iconography from the screen to the shelf requires more than just designing a box. A great product needs exceptional packaging design. As customers scan the aisle, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and pique their interest. You need an eye-catching design that stands out from the other noise in the shopping aisle and conveys your brand’s aesthetic in three dimensions.

Communicate Your Identity in All Three Dimensions

At Station Four, we think outside the box (sorry, that pun is unfortunately required), and make sure to go beyond your average off-the-shelf design (sorry again). We ask a lot of questions to make sure we’ve covered every facet of your product while learning who your company is. Whether you’re whimsical and colorful, or serious and confident, we make sure we’re collaborating with you to communicate your identity accurately at every step of the process.

Combining Creativity with Real-World Considerations

Once we’ve gained a strong understanding of your background, the brainstorming begins. We make sure we’re stretching ourselves and exhausting all possible design directions before settling on one you’ll love. Our team then begins prototyping, ensuring that every element of the experience is considered. You need to know how the package will interact with the store’s lighting, what sorts of information need to be conveyed on the label, what the tactile sensation should be when a customer picks it up, how it will illustrate what’s inside, how it will open, and how it will build anticipation throughout the unveiling process.

Don’t let dull packaging prevent your product from getting the attention it deserves. Make sure that your team is taking everything into consideration. Contact Station Four, and see for yourself why our services are the “complete package.” We promise we won’t use any more puns.