Ackerman Cancer Center


Ackerman Cancer Center is the world’s first privately owned proton therapy center. Getting the word out to patients about proton therapy, however, remained a challenge. Ackerman had previously utilized paid search marketing, but wanted to partner with Station Four to achieve more with their advertising.

Some Background

While Ackerman had successfully driven traffic to the site, they felt that there was opportunity to more precisely target users based on their motivations and better serve their patients. Many of the keywords appeared to be too broad, driving volume, but also capturing less relevant search terms. Plus, negative keywords weren’t being sufficiently leveraged, which may have resulted in Ackerman purchasing traffic that didn’t fully match the criteria they wanted.


Armed with this research, we set about optimizing the campaign. Conversion metrics had been improperly established, so that was our first task. We then went through each set of keywords, placed them into very narrowly defined ad groups, and modified the match type to either phrase or exact match, so that each ad closely aligned with the search terms, and directed to an appropriate landing page. Within about a month, the clickthrough rate began to climb, and quality scores shot up, with over 20 keywords achieving a perfect 10/10 QS. We were showing as impressions for over 97% of all eligible searches, ensuring we were getting in front of our target audience as early in their search journey as possible.

Our campaign average CTR is 4.1% Adwords-wide across all industries is 2%


Since then, we’ve continuously optimized the account, adding new ad groups, split testing ad copy, and adding new negative keywords to keep things tightly focused. We’ve managed to increase the total number of clicks by 161%, improve the clickthrough rate by 151%, and reduce cost per click by 24% overall. Average ad position jumped from 3.1 to 2.4. We’ve even enhanced phone calls, improving clicks-to-call by 78%, and the click-to-call CTR by 27%. In order to achieve the same results at their old levels of performance, Ackerman would have had to spend an additional $7,381.26.

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As you can see, a well-optimized PPC campaign can both cut cost and drive results. Are you getting the most out of your paid digital advertising? Call Station Four and find out.

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