Baptist MD Anderson

Landing Page Design

Two titans of healthcare have partnered up to create a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility in Jacksonville, Florida. With the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center scheduled to open in 2018, a landing page was needed to celebrate the construction process and capture interested parties. Station Four partnered with them to create a powerful, innovative, and artful microsite.

Baptist MD Anderson Landing Page on a Laptop

Telling a Story

Baptist MD Anderson needed a web presence to keep interested parties up to date while construction efforts were underway. One important component of the site was creating a powerful narrative — one that could relate to patients, families, and the local community. From a building design that pulled inspiration from the surrounding city to the inclusion of patients and their families in the construction process, this was no ordinary facility — and they needed a website to reflect that.

Baptist School Base Health Illustration

Working with What you Have

One of the challenges we faced was the fact that the building was under construction. That meant we had very little to work with visually, which resulted in needing to get clever with the available assets. We used several composited building renderings provided by the architects and digitally painted an environment around them. To create a site that is expansive and picturesque, we designed a page where scenes seamlessly drift into one another as you scroll down the page with parallax elements adding subtle movement. This coupled with the storytelling aspect of the copy makes for a site that invites you to dive deeper.

Baptist School Base Health Illustration

Bringing the Page to Life

The hospital partnered with a talented cinematographer to document the building’s creation, so we wanted to feature video prominently on the site. The design is built to expand and evolve as more footage becomes available, starting by featuring a video about the skybridge installation.

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