Brain Tumor Network

Website Design

The Brain Tumor network is an award-winning nonprofit that provides healthcare navigational assistance to brain tumor patients and their caregivers. BTN teamed up with Station Four to create a site that improves donation pathways and better showcases how the organization helps patients dealing with brain tumors.

Balancing Compassion and Expertise

The challenge was to simultaneously illustrate BTN’s expertise without appearing clinical. We focused on incorporating design elements that emphasize their compassionate services while still acknowledging the gravity of the conditions they assist with. We combined a clean, contemporary layout with imagery that emphasized the team and their dedication to patient empowerment.

Moving into Continuous Improvement

After a successful launch of the website, BTN and S4 moved into an agile, continuous improvement model, focusing on developing additional content, new template layouts, and marketing services. Together, Station Four and Brain Tumor Network are continuing to enhance patient care.

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