Brightway Insurance

Corporate Web Design

Having already succeeded with Station Four for award-winning projects with their individual agencies and franchise sales, Brightway turned to S4 once again for their primary brand website. Brightway has built a brand based around its stellar reputation and excellent service, and Station Four was honored to convey that character on their corporate site.

  • 23% Increase In Sessions
  • 21% Increase In New Users
  • 21% Increase In Organic Search Traffic
  • 39.45% Increase In Web Leads Over Six Months
  • 85% Increase In Get a Quote use

Start a Quote

Start a Quote functionality was at the core of our effort for Brightway, and was the primary call to action for the entire site. By ensuring that the option to start a quote was placed at the appropriate point in the customer conversation, we managed to improve the number of quotes started through this widget alone by 40% in just six months. Beautiful design is important, but design that converts is imperative.


Users typically have a specific need in mind when searching for insurance, and Brightway’s specialty is in tailor-building custom insurance packages for their customers. Providing clear pathways and expert counsel at every step of the way helped to illustrate the peace of mind you experience when you’re covered with Brightway.

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