Website Redesign & Branding

For over 15 years, Corridor has provided business and operational expertise to non-acute healthcare providers in the areas of revenue cycle, coding, and regulatory compliance. To better align with their company vision and current marketing efforts, they partnered with Station Four to redesign both their brand and their website.

Using Clarity to Provide a Better User Experience

One of the largest challenges Corridor faced with their digital redesign was a lack of clarity. Over the years they had developed a good deal of content for their website that used general and thereby vague language to describe their services. The result was a website filled with words that said very little. Station Four’s team worked directly with Corridor’s marketing team to simplify the messaging and build a site narrative that would increase usability and conversions. The design features a mixture of photography and custom illustrations that were used to cut down the amount of text on a page, without losing its clarity and emphasis.

Taking Their Brand on the Road

Corridor needed a tradeshow booth that would not only pique the interest of potential clients in a busy conference space, but entice them into staying to explore materials, and talking to a company rep. Our designer used a bright yellow from the brand’s palette to draw attention to service offerings. Clear icons were used to quickly convey information, while simple, yet powerful messaging highlights Corridor’s experience in the industry.

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