Cynthia Burns Landscaping

Web Design

Landscape design artist Cynthia Burns paired up with Station Four to create a website that brought Cynthia’s personality, expertise and passion for landscape design from the garden to the web. Like Cynthia’s sophisticated landscape designs, S4 designed a website that captures the essence and vision of the Cynthia’s design process artfully showcasing Cynthia’s skills and knowledge.

Subpage Designs

The Cynthia Burns Landscape Design website highlights a unique specialties page that showcases the many facets of Cynthia’s landscape design portfolio. We did this by implementing whimsical, hand-drawn illustrations to reflect the style of the logo and connect to the overall website’s appearance. The site also features a single page focused on the artist’s background and insightful information on where she finds inspiration for her work. Additionally, we introduced client testimonials to magnify Cynthia’s skills as a talented artist and also express gratitude from the very clients who inspire Cynthia to produce elegant products.

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