DeAngelis Diamond Construction

Web Design & Development

DeAngelis Diamond is a nationally recognized leader in the construction industry with the motto: “Honor to Build,” that comes from the personal approach they take with each of their projects. They partnered with S4 to build a website that showcased a portfolio that spanned 20 years and design a digital presence that would feature their personality in order to attract some of the best talent in the industry.

Portfolio Design & Functionality

One of the primary goals of the site was to create a design that would accommodate a growing archive of completed projects. As with all portfolios, some of these projects had long descriptions, while others had very small ones. The challenge was to create a layout that could hold either while maintaining its shape. A second and more complex portion of the portfolio was to develop a custom filter that could help guide users to the projects within their industry. S4’s designers, content strategists, and developers worked closely with the team at DD to construct a portfolio that would do all of this and continue to do it well for years to come.

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