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England-Thims & Miller, Inc. (ETM) has been providing clients with innovative engineering solutions since 1977. In Jacksonville, they are a powerhouse and well respected name in civil engineering and master planning. In early 2015, they partnered with S4 for a site redesign that would transform their website from a simple brochure site into a strong digital presentation of their extensive and notable project portfolio.

Since the primary goal of the site was to showcase the work ETM had done over the years, we were able to create a minimal design that would function without drawing attention to itself. The homepage is a perfect example of goal-oriented design with bold elements and a minimum number of distractions.

Building a Portfolio

ETM had over 600 projects in their portfolio, each with their own photos and write ups. They chose 150 to launch the site with, and had plans to add the rest over time. Guiding a visitor through that many projects required a custom filter option that categorized projects into 6 separate markets and over 30 different services. When completed, visitors would be able to view a project and be presented with others that matched those criteria, as well as links to the project team’s bios.

Writing Project Case Studies

ETM’s internal marketing team had compiled project write ups for almost all 150 projects. They wanted to bulk up the copy for 6 of the most notable and make them proper case studies. S4’s copywriting team interviewed the project leads for each and wrote 700 - 1000 word case studies for each.

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