Ebel Catalog

Catalog Design & Layout

With over 400 dealers and 22 years of experience, Ebel Inc. is one of the largest and most respected outdoor furniture companies in the country. Each year they release a comprehensive catalog to display their 16 collections with an inventory of over 400 items. They partnered with Station Four to create a catalog that was both informational and stylish.

Setting the Mood

Laying out a 200+ page print piece requires careful organization and planning, but everything begins with concept. To help us find a cohesive design approach, we started with some mood board exploration to define the visual tone of the book. This included some color and font suggestions, as well as overall messaging notes, such as placing a focus on materials and the tactile quality of the furniture. These visuals, while abstract, helped us agree upon a direction with the client before design had even begun.

Translating to Layout

The overall concept of this project was to make it feel less like a catalog and more like an editorial magazine. Too often catalog design gets bogged down by a surplus of information, which compromises elegant design for function. This piece is intended to be both beautiful and educational, featuring picturesque layouts, tasteful use of white space, and helpful descriptions at every turn.

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