Geohazards provides professional engineering and geology services for a variety of industries throughout Florida and the Southeast. They came to Station Four for help with an effort to reposition their company in the market and attract quality leads digitally with a new website that supported their robust content marketing plan and initiatives.

Built for Content

Establishing trust on the web begins with high quality content that is presented in an intuitive way. Since the major objective of the site was to attract visitors and encourage trust, Station Four set out to design a layout that would not only contain, but enhance the effectiveness of the content published by Geohazards. In this case, it meant segmenting content based on its intended audience and creating custom functionality and visual assets that would increase readability.

Designing the Project Tracker

As a service for their clients, Geohazards had built a project tracker that provided information regarding a project – when services were scheduled and documents were transferred. As part of an initial engagement on redeveloping the tracker, we designed the look-and-feel of the small app to align it with the new website and provide a consistent user experience for both potential and existing Geohazard clients.

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