Branding, Website Design, Custom Survey Module

The concept of HighAR focuses on building agility and resiliency within a company. This website was built to showcase that concept, promote the accompanying book, "Mastering Turbulence," and address requests for speaking engagements. This was done with focus on a design with weight and longevity.

Subpage Designs

Subpage designs for High AR boast an array of functionality, including the interactive Principles of High AR 4x5 Matrix and the Assessment Survey.The website contains a high volume of content that showcases the concept of "High Agility and Resilience," which is featured in the book, "Mastering Turbulence." With the task of organizing the abundance of content, we created subpages that are simple to navigate and allow users to find the information they're looking for.

Custom Survey Application

We created a seamless, user-focused application that guides you through the survey, delivering comprehensive results that allow the user to adequately assess and understand their company’s agility and resiliency. It is designed in several parts to capture and analyze a range of information on the user's business. Once all of the questions in the survey are answered, a report is immediately generated that summarizes the mean scores for the responses. We developed a color-coded response for the scores arrayed in a 4X5 matrix format and also developed bar chart graphs with overall mean scores for levels and capabilities.

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