Hope Starts Here

Web Design

A part of the Baptist Health network, Wolfson Children’s Hospital is a not-for-profit organization that treats all children in the region regardless of ability to pay. Baptist Health partnered with Station Four to create a microsite that would support a large-scale regional donation drive.

Staying Focused on a Tight Deadline

With a campaign that included TV spots and paid media, the Hope Starts Here page had a deadline that couldn’t be moved… even by an impending hurricane. S4 made open communication with the Baptist team a priority throughout the project, which allowed us to progress at a steady pace, address any issues quickly, and launch the site in time for the first TV spot.

Thoughtful Design that Reinforces Messaging

Since the site was targeted on the donation drive and strongly focused on the patient stories, we kept the design simple with colors using white space and the colors in Wolfson’s logo to highlight messaging and action. Adding warm design elements that looked like they were drawn by the children kept the site light-hearted and hopeful without distracting from the overall purpose of the site.

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