Jacksonville Symphony - UpTempo

Naming & Logo Design

The Jacksonville Symphony partnered with Station Four to create a Young Professional’s group designed to attract and cultivate a younger audience for the historic Symphony. They had a vision for the group’s purpose, but needed help finding the right name and branding to communicate it to their target audience.

For over 60 years, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra has operated with the mission, “To create experiences that enrich the human spirit and inspire a lifelong love of music.” In 2014, the Symphony began a new era with the hiring of a young, experienced and talented music director, Courtney Lewis. This young professionals group was created to bring like-minded young people together who would ultimately join with Courtney and become ambassadors for the Symphony’s new direction.

Alternative options

All projects have elements that quietly disappear without so much as a courtesy nod. Well, we enjoyed creating these alternative logos, so wanted to give them a small place in the world.

  • A representation of a sound bar, skyline and group of people, all with forward momentum.

  • A burst of energy referencing the conductor’s baton and a group of people coming together.

  • A modern and slightly abstracted take of the classic treble clef to juxtapose the old with the new.

  • Turning the musical staff into a flag for members to carry as the movement grows.

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