LBA Wealth Management

Branding & Responsive Web Design

LBA Wealth Management is a Jacksonville-based CPA firm providing finance advising, management, planning, and investment. They approached us for a logo design and brand refresh, as well as a complete website design for a better digital representation of their extensive financial services.

LBA Wealth Homepage Mockup

Creating a Web Presence

LBA Wealth Management’s existence in the digital realm was previously limited to only a page on the website of their former parent company. Improving their web presence, then, meant creating a new website entirely, one that is responsive, informative, and attractive.

  • LBA Wealth Investing Page
  • LBA Wealth Planning Page
  • LBA Wealth Our Advisors Page
  • Designing a Brand

    Rebranding LBA Wealth Management entailed a new logo and the conception of an aesthetic that conveys their expertise, trustworthiness, and professionalism. We created custom icons, developed a strong color palette, and ultimately expressed important information in a clear, striking manner.

    LBA Wealth Icons

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