Medical Solutions

Responsive Web Design

Part of the EmployBridge family, MedicalSolutions provides an array of staffing services to the healthcare industry. They partnered with us for a website redesign to drastically improve their digital presence and bring their brand in line with that of their parent company.

Brand Consistency

For consistency with EmployBridge's brands, we sought a lightweight design with MedicalSolutions's new website. Given the company's industry, we also aimed for a sophisticated edge, so to speak. These emphases culminated in a site light on content and replete with white space.

MedicalSolutions Home Page

Standing Out but Fitting In

As we produced several sites for the EmployBridge family, it was imperative that MedicalSolutions' new site fit neatly among them but still retain its identity. Connections between it and Select Staffing's site, for example, are apparent. These common aspects in conjunction with MedicalSolutions' uniquely modern, clean aesthetic resulted in a site with clear ties to a larger brand but a character all its own.

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