Misapplied Sciences

Website Design

Misapplied Sciences is a team of groundbreaking scientists, engineers, and designers who have come together to create a revolutionary new screen technology. They partnered with Station Four to create a highly artistic website complete with custom illustrations to highlight their innovative product.

You won’t believe your eyes

Misapplied Science’s technology is complex to explain and even more difficult to photograph. That is why they needed a website that relied heavily on visuals and concept rather than literal photos of their product. They call it Parallel Reality — a new screen technology that utilises multi-directional pixels that emit millions of different colors vs. the traditional RGB pixels that make up our current screens. Pixels having multi-directional capability means that multiple people can be standing in a room (or airport, sports stadium, etc.) and looking at the same screen, but see different content.

Color Exercises

Color was crucial to the design because we wanted to draw inspiration from visions of the future people had in the 50’s and 60’s while accurately communicating that this technology truly is the future. Ultimately, we found a comfortable fusion between vintage earth tones and deep purples and teals to create the final color palette.

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Mobile Experience

It wasn’t enough for the site to look good and function well in one context, so our developers worked to make sure that the illustrations could adapt to multiple screen sizes and platforms.

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