Mistral Group

DNN Responsive Web Design

Mistral Group is a team of independent companies that teamed up with Station Four to design and develop a series of websites that represent the companies’ main functions in the Defense and Law Enforcement industries. Station Four designed the DNN portal for the Mistral Group to link to the separate independent companies of Mistral Inc., Mistral Water, Mistral Security and Karil International.

Initial Homepage Design Composition

Mistral Group Homepage

Mistral Inc. & Mistral Water

Mistral Inc. and Mistral Water function as the same team of professionals under different business units. With this in mind, we created their homepages to be very similar in design. Both of the layouts exhibit colors that complement corresponding logos in a professional, streamlined manner while making sure to highlight the expertise of both of the units as a central point of importance. Additionally, the pages provide sections on News & Events, Featured Videos and supplemental Technology and Image Galleries.

Mistral Security & Karil International

We really wanted the designs for Mistral Security and Karil International to be clean yet eye catching without skimping on information. Overall each layout utilizes similar color schemes and photography in a unique, striking way that helps the designs stand out from competitors.

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